Jesus Amoretti Blog | Meet Wan Leen Siow a.k.a. @artistdubz
Meet Wan Leen Siow a.k.a. @artistdubz

Meet Wan Leen Siow a.k.a. @artistdubz

Wan Leen Siow (also known as Dubz) is a Malaysian interdisciplinary artist that works with experimental techniques and forms in the context of her Christian faith, which she defines her art as Christian prophetic art. She values freedom and unity and unconditional love— very much these three concepts govern the essence of her creative outputs and they are the languages of her heart. 
Wan Leen is a Goldsmiths College, University of London fine art graduate of 2014 [Bachelor of Art: Fine Art (Extension Degree)]. Throughout her studies while she was at Goldsmiths and her contact with the art world, Wan Leen has found she has many unanswered questions on the sharing of the visibility of her Christian faith through her creative outputs with viewers of different worldviews; she constantly seeks within the heart of her Christian faith, to learn to speak truthfully concerning her practice without leaving the viewers with a sense of exertion from her as an artist.
Wan Leen also feels she constantly breaks the creative forms that are norms in her Christian faith, introducing fresh kinds of aesthetics and different approaches in the making Christian faith-based art:
Wan Leen has created a performance piece in a gallery space titled “Jesus is Lord” (2014), that consisted of free flow improvised performance with very much of deep, loud, eloquent soliloquy, and dance, and expressive gestures-- in the whole performance she was wearing a long, bright flame red wig and red colored costume, with fully painted red colored face to signify the “Fire of God”. “Jesus is Lord” drew viewers to a dramatic and adventurous theatrical experience of the “self” she was putting out, which the viewers could choose how proximate they wanted to experience the performance as it was without a stage. The performance “Jesus is Lord” channeled the essence of what she believed about Christianity in an unconventional way.
On another point, part of her creative practice is influenced by the constant development in honoring others. Wan Leen also believes art is a universal language that everyone can perceive and a place for people “come in” for exploration.
Wan Leen works with complete freedom in form to allow maximum exploration on how far her Christian faith can take her as an interdisciplinary prophetic artist, which she believes along the way and the journey of her faith she is to love unconditionally every single person she comes in contact with. Wan Leen also regularly works with other creatives.
You can find out more about Wan Leen’s works on Instagram @artistdubz or visit “”.