Interested in being a brand ambassador and empowering streetwear culture movement?

Jesus Amoretti

Join The Team

Our ambassador program offers a great opportunity to become part of a movement empowering streetwear & sportswear culture worldwide.


  • We are not just looking for people with lots of followers. We want passionate, active members.
  • 20% discount on all clothing purchases for yourself & friends.
  • 10% commission on any orders you generate, paid via PayPal.
  • Dashboard to view your own statistics and track your sales.
  • The chance to progress to becoming a sponsored athlete.
  • Receive exclusive ambassador products, releases, promotions and more emailed to you directly.

Your responsibilities:

  • Post at least 1 high-quality piece of content every month wearing Jesus Amoretti clothing.
  • Be passionate about wearing our clothing and represent the movement.
  • Be positive and motivated. Share encouragement and support to other ambassadors who we will help you connect with.
  • Give feedback on your items so we may make constant improvements.



1. How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?

Due to a large number of applications,  we're currently able to get back to our ambassador applications within 3 working days. This may be a little sooner, or later depending on our volume at the time.

2. How do I join the ambassador program?

Simple, just complete the application form on the main page and we will follow up with you via email shortly. Follow the 9 steps attached to this post to help you set up. If you are approved, we'll send you your details to log into our dashboard, a marketing pack to help you get started and your discount code for your followers. Once done, you will be able to log in here and track all of your referrals, sales and commission payments.

3. Would we have to buy our clothes from you to start?

In a word, yes. The reason for this is not because we want to profit from you. It's to prove you are willing to support our brand and our mission. We do not have a minimum spend, but we believe asking you to invest in our brand is fair. After all, how can you really promote us and call yourself an ambassador if you do not own any of the products? if you are serious this should not deter you. Promoting us in an effective manner will mean you will be able to earn any money you spend back quickly. 

4. How do I know if my discount code is used?

The system we use tracks every person that uses your discount code and adds to your account automatically. You get access to the system to view your statistics if you are accepted.

5. How will I receive my commission?

Our payment method to you is via Paypal at the end of every working month. if you have any further questions before applying. Message us directly on our website at 

Follow this 9 simple steps to get started :

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