5 Minutes with Our Mano Wilson MAB – Jesus Amoretti
5 Minutes with Our Mano Wilson MAB

5 Minutes with Our Mano Wilson MAB

Wilson welcome to our Blog, today we are going to talk a little about your journey, your origins and what led you to start rap?

I'm Wilson, I'm 24 years old, I come from Sintra, Monte Abraão.

I've always been used to listening to rap and being in places where you hear rap, hence my taste for rap.

I started by recording my first demos by myself, later together with my friends from the area we recorded a sound  "Black Sta Pa Li" and created the "Black Gang". After a few years of being stopped, I decided to go back to doing it alone.

And very active, we know you've been dedicating yourself a lot lately and you've released 4 new tracks “Na Sabura”, “4 life", "Success Pa Nhaz Niggaz" and "So Dias Maus". What inspired you to write these songs?

Yes, this year we worked harder, what inspires me to write are the things  what I go through, what I live family my friends my area I always try to be as real as possible in what I say, who really listens to me knows what I say.

What are your projects for 2020?

In 2020 I have some  loose tracks ready to be made into clips.

Do you have a preference to perform in any part of the country in particular or abroad?

I have no preferences for acting, wherever the agent goes and does our job.

We know you have a feature with Landim, when are you thinking of releasing this track?

Yes, I have a banner with Lacy ready, it will be my next banner on the street.

Is there any other Rapper in the lineup that you would like to record with?

I already have some projects in mind with other rappers, I just need to sit down in the studio.

Which producer would you like to work with at national level?

I already have my producer riqdaqota casa dos beats... with him I do all my work in the studio, if others come forward for work it will be a pleasure.

Do you want to take the opportunity to send props to someone?

I would like to send props to everyone who works with me, riqdaqota, casa dos beats, bene, luxyfilmz, who is present in my day to day life and for those who enjoy my work I can only say that we are getting stronger.

Finally, what do you have to say about Jesus Amoretti's clothes to the people who follow you?

Jesus Amoretti's clothes are amazing, they are of good quality, good prices, I advise you to adhere to the trust.

Follow all the news about our brother Wilson who has a lot of cards to give this year 2020 on the Instagram page @___mab___ . MAB TMJ!

Here is one of his most emblematic videos of 2019. Lets get it!