Carrys - Paris 🇫🇷 (Official Video) – Jesus Amoretti
Carrys - Paris 🇫🇷 (Official Video)

Carrys - Paris 🇫🇷 (Official Video)

Carrys is a young artist, he calls himself a “non-rapper”, he has been composing his songs since he was 14 years old and at 16 he released his first song, now more experienced and with a totally different vision than he had when he started to realize his dream. At first, the themes were the difficulties of his life, as well as love, family, dreams and goals. At the moment, he just does what he feels like at the moment and has completely changed his style of music, starting to make songs that manage to reconcile his bars with the comedy present in his personality. Also emphasizing that it has several personalities, in turn, each song represents a little of that variety. Carrys promises to continue with this style of his comedy “phase” and always leave his comfort zone until he “finds himself”, until then he promises to always bring different records. Carrys has been linked to the Amoretti family since 2019 and the objective is to grow with the whole team and to evolve together.

The video clip of the theme “Paris ” by our team artist @carrysthereal is now available on YouTube and on our IGTV channel @jesusamoretti .

You can find more information about the artist on his instagram page @carrysthereal.

Until then, watch the latest video released: