Snakes and Serpents Hacked!! – Jesus Amoretti
Snakes and Serpents Hacked!!

Snakes and Serpents Hacked!!

Family the most recent video clip of our family members Leo 2745 and Capone of the song "Snakes and Serpents" was Hacked minutes ago on Youtube!!

We are at a loss for words to describe this incident, the announcement of this video clip had hundreds of thousands of views on the instagram explorer and everyone was looking forward to its premiere!!

Once again, here we have proof that even after all our effort, dedication and blood that we give, there are still those who try to devalue us as a family!

But nothing that would harm us as a family, on the contrary, this just proves that what we have and what we do has value and that it is not a thorn in the side that will stop us from following our path.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team that participated in this project, this theme undoubtedly came to complete and emphasize the vision that we project in relation to the direction of the "Drill" music genre in Portugal, the musical genre that we sponsor and for which we have been giving the face throughout its course.

We still don't have much more information to advance but everything indicates that the Video will be re-released very soon and to compensate and strengthen the incident new scenes will be added to the video!!

I know it's going to be difficult but I hope you can endure a few more days without seeing and hearing the sound that goes through all Drill lovers and non-lovers singing at the same time!!!

You can follow the whole development of this situation on @leo2745_'s instagram