Meet Portuguese Writer Hier AKA @Hier_gwk – Jesus Amoretti
Meet Portuguese Writer Hier AKA @Hier_gwk

Meet Portuguese Writer Hier AKA @Hier_gwk

Hier, a name that is not strange to many writers or those interested in the graffiti movement both in Portugal and abroad. It all started when he was 11 years old, in 2010, when a cousin showed him a little of what graffiti was all about. He began to see his cousin painting and became interested in movement. He tried to start giving the first tags like any beginner, on paper and trying to give the first letters. He was always a kid attentive to everything he saw on the street and especially near the Line where he lives. Azambuja Line.

In 2014 he started experimenting with painting everything he drew on paper and always tried to improve every time he painted. Conditions weren't the best but he always tried to paint as he could, even if it was with cans from the Chinese shop. When I didn't have the possibility to do so, I tried to at least send some tags. The years went by, he went through several crews, met several writers until he met some people from Linha da Azambuja. People that he saw since he was young and that he had the opportunity to meet and even evolve little by little. The years went by and in 2019 he joined the GWK, a crew that he maintains to this day and according to Hier, the one that he will always maintain.

“GWK is more than a crew, it's a family! Here the contract is for life”, says the artist. Hier has tried to evolve with each painting and overcome all the goals and obstacles that appear in his path, like anything in life. He studied Communication and perfected his studies in design, where he can combine graffiti with his digital works and even work with our team. The artist found it interesting and also an excellent project when he discovered our brand. He decided to get in touch and present his projects. In the conversation with Hier he mentioned that “Amoretti is a brand of excellent quality, with a simple and attractive design. It is a brand that fits very well and that anyone should try to wear. The fact that it reaches so many people and manages to expand to other countries is brutal. It is constantly growing!”

There are future projects with the brand that will soon hit the streets! For the near future, Hier intends to continue painting, solo and together with his peers, and above all to continue perfecting his technique in digital works. He also intends to follow his field at a professional level. Above all continue to color the streets and trains.

Here are some works by the artist @hier_gwk :