Jesus Amoretti Blog | Meet "Bénir" a Designing company from Nairobi, K
Meet "Bénir" a Designing company from Nairobi, Kenya.

Meet "Bénir" a Designing company from Nairobi, Kenya.

Bénir was started in a small mall in Nairobi, Kenya by two College students, Timothy Gichuru and Tracy Gitau. With no training in design, they had a clear vision of what we wanted to be.
Tracy (Trace) - Juggles practicing law and Directing Bénir and has worked with a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from grassroots cultural and sustainability organizations to multi-national corporations. Tracy looks for inspiration outside of design and strives to bring a sense of simplicity, clarity, authenticity, and appropriateness to every project.
Timothy (Tim) - Designer, thinker, and doer. Tim sees every new project as an opportunity to raise the bar. The challenge of taking a BIG idea and giving it a laser-sharp focus.
Tim believes in the need to constantly evolve and advance one's skill set.
Bénir is French for bless. They aspire to rise against mental illness and show people of a world that is full of hopes and dreams. 
They are a team of visual artists . They specialize in creating highly advanced, experiential works in both the advertising and entertaining industries.
They are a culture of dreamers and doers who prove that the two are not mutually exclusive.
They thank God that they've come a long way.
Contact Details:
Tracy : +254737602801
Tim: +254720125601
Instagram: @benir_ke
Facebook: Benir Kenya