Jesus Amoretti Blog | Meet Louise Morgan aka @maytheforcebewithyou_
Meet Louise Morgan aka @maytheforcebewithyou_

Meet Louise Morgan aka @maytheforcebewithyou_

Louize Morgan is a self-taught graphic designer and digital artist from Kenya and he is currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Nairobi. He specializes in digital design and dabbles in photography once in a while. He also, like to do a bit of video editing and direction when he is not re-watching all the Star Wars episodes. Most of his work can be found on his instagram account (@maytheforcebewithyou_).
He has, however, taken a brief hiatus due to equipment constraints in terms of the things he needs to design his pieces but come April 2019, he will have access to the things he need ie laptop and pressure pad as well as his very own website .
Phone: +254722990617